Privacy Policy

This section encloses what types of data the website collects, how it accumulates, and what methods it requires to safeguard all kinds of users' information. Please read the below paragraphs carefully so that there is no confusion.

The kinds of data that we take are direct and indirect. This means that few details would be taken from our users directly if they are willing to such as their first and last names, postal address, email, and contact number. This is collected when they tend to create their personal account on our site or about to order something. The credit card details are taken after the order confirmation.

We also use cookies to help us determine our users' Internet Protocol so that we find out their geographic location and arrange a personalized account exclusively for each user. If one wants to limit or block cookies he or she can also prevent us from taking their indirect details, but that also prevents them to make purchases and similar activities. We cannot accumulate our users' direct details through their IP addresses.

We do NOT send, transmit or circulate any of our users' data, whether direct or indirect, to any third parties; except for few cases like our delivery partners who require some of the details to allow successful delivery. These shipments are bound by certain protocols and cannot harm the details in any way, except their only duty to let the parcel reach the right doorsteps. Other than this there is no way we need to transmit your information. Moreover, we undertake best security measures so that our users' data remains encapsulated against any kind of harm.

We use emails to communicate with our users that encloses information like order receipt, shipment details, tracking link, newsletters, seasonal offers, new products' launch, revised price structure, and so on. If one wants to contact us they may fill the Contact Us form, or write to us at the following address: