Shipping Policy

This section demonstrates the types of shipment we keep to ensure effective delivery of the goods, and some circumstances few of which are sure, others highly unlikely, and our ways to handle them. Kindly read them all in order to remain acknowledged.

We have two types of shipping – Registered (default) and Fedex – both of which vary in terms of cost and their ability to deliver goods. The price is higher in case of Fedex shipping compared to its Registered counterpart and is added after the checkout with the items one intends to buy. These charges include transmission of the parcel from our warehouse to your country or state. After reaching your doorsteps if the courier authorities charge you money you will have to pay them, else they have the right to refuse to give you the package. But that depends on respective countries' norms, and for this, one should know his/her country's regulations in advance.

We do not transmit on weekends and public holidays. Therefore, orders being made on such days would be carried forward the next business day. We request you to be there on the mentioned postal address or ensure that there is someone else to collect the package at the moment it is delivered. If the postman finds nobody then the package will be kept for few more days so that somebody shows up and claims for the ownership.

Always crosscheck your mailing address if it is complete and correct with the area (PIN) code. If that is not there the package might get lost in the midway instead of reaching us back. If that happens you will have to make a fresh order. The chances of losing your package even if the postal address was written correctly is highly negligible. Moreover, we provide the tracking information so that you always know of its whereabouts.

Certain situations might show up during the transmission procedure that sound impractical yet real. Conditions like – floods, earthquake, tsunami, volcano, tornado, hurricane, OR civil war, atomic explosion, riots, emergency, curfew – may or may not or never subside. For such kinds of cases, we return back the full money that was paid by our customers.

For more information or assistance, kindly contact us.